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Canada’s Calling Code: A Guide to Country and Area Codes

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Understanding calling codes is necessary when making international phone calls, as they allow communication with people in other countries. International dialing codes, area codes, and country calling codes are all essential for this procedure. The country calling codes are regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Calls between nations are placed using international dialing codes. It is essential to understand these codes to ensure successful global communication. For example, dialing out of the United States requires the prefix 011, the United Kingdom uses 00, and Australia uses 0011.

What are Calling Codes?

Country calling codes are the numeric prefixes used to dial phone numbers in different countries from abroad. They are also known as country dial-in codes and are vital parts of telephone numbers.

Country codes, area codes, and international calling codes are the types of calling codes.

  • Country Codes:

    Purpose: To identify the country of the phone number being dialed.

    Format: Usually a one to three-digit number preceded by a  “+” sign.

    • Canada and the United States: +1 
    • United Kingdom: +44
    • Australia: +61 
  • Area Codes:

    Purpose: In large countries, a specific area code is assigned to a specific geographic region.

    Format: Typically, a three-digit number follows the country code.

    • Toronto, Canada: 416 
    • New York, USA: 212 
    • Sydney, Australia: 02
  • International Calling Codes:

    Purpose: To start an overseas call by signifying that the following numbers correspond to a different nation.

    Format: The specific number of the country from which the call is being made.

    • From the United States: 011
    • From United Kingdom: 00
    • From Australia: 0011

Understanding Canada Country Code

The country code for Canada is +1, which it shares with the United States and several other countries and territories in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). To call within this specific calling zone, one must dial the number, including the country code and specific area code. As a founding member of the NANP, Canada has made international calls easier by adopting this shared code alongside the US.

Long-distance calling within North America was streamlined by assigning the Canada country code +1  in 1947 when the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) was established by AT&T and Bell Laboratories. Country codes for Canada remain essential today for dialing Canadian numbers outside the NANP region, ensuring efficient telecommunications within North America.

Exploring Different Area Codes of Canada

Canada has 50 area codes assigned to specific geographic areas plus two, 600 and 622, that are not assigned to any geographic regions. 600 telephone code is used for telecommunication services, and 622 is reserved for special use.

The original area codes in Canada are 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, 613, and 902. 584 was the most recently added phone code in 2022 as an overlay to 204. Area codes need to be checked before dialing any number. Canada area codes are three-digit numbers linked to particular locations.


Area Code(s)

Alberta780, 587, 368, 825, 403
British Columbia250, 672, 236, 604, 778
Manitoba204, 584, 431
New Brunswick506
Northwest Territories867
Nova Scotia782, 902
Ontario705, 416, 365, 647, 226, 519, 742, 289, 807, 548, 753, 683, 249, 905, 437, 343, 613
Prince Edward Island902, 782
Quebec581, 438, 354, 514, 263, 450, 873, 418, 468, 367, 819, 579
Saskatchewan639, 306, 474

Example of Canadian Phone Number

A Canadian phone number consists of  11 digits, which includes a 3-digit area code. The Canadian phone number has a +1 country code. An example of a Canadian phone number is +1 416 123 45XX, where “+1” is the Canadian country code, “416” is the area code for Toronto, and “123 45XX” is the local phone number.

The three main components of a Canadian phone number are :

  • Country code:
    A country code is a numeric geographic code for a country and its regions. Canada’s country code is “+1”.
  • Area code:
    An area code is a three-digit number denoting a specific geographic region. Big cities can share multiple area codes. For example, Toronto's area code(s) are 647, 416, and 437.
  • Local number:
    The remaining seven-digit number is divided into two parts: a three-digit central code and a four-digit station code.

How to Call Canada From Another Country?

Every country has its unique country code, and specific regions are assigned specific geographic area codes. Here are steps to call Canada from another country:

  1. Dial the International Call Prefix: This code allows you to dial from outside the nation. Each country has its own code. 
    • From the United States: 011  
    • From the United Kingdom: 00  
    • From Australia: 0011
  2. Dial Canada’s Country Code: Canada’s country code is “+1”.
  3. Dial the Canadian Area Code: Canada's specific regions or cities have unique three-digit phone codes.
  4. Dial the Local Phone Number: It is the seven-digit number of the person or business you need to contact.

Example of Calling Canada from the United States

There are several ways to call Canada from the US. To call a number in Toronto, Ontario, with  the area code 416 and the local number 123 45XX, follow these steps:

  1. Start by dialing the international call prefix. For the US, dial “011”.
  2. After dialing the international call prefix, enter Canada’s country code “1”.
  3. Next, dial the three-digit area code for Toronto, i.e. 416.
  4. At last, dial the seven-digit local phone number, “123 45XX”

The final dialing format would be “011 +1 416 123 45XX” if you are calling Canada from the United States.

How to Call an International Phone Number From Canada?

To make a call to an international phone number from Canada, enter the international call prefix “011”, followed by the destination country code, the area code (if applicable), and the local phone number of the individual or company you are trying to reach.

An example of making an international call from Canada would look like this:

011+ country code + area code + local phone number.

Country codes vary by country, so be sure to include the correct codes when making international calls.

Key Reasons for Frequent Call Failures While Calling Canada

Many issues may be encountered when making a call to Canada. Incorrect dialing format, network congestion, poor signal strength, outdated area codes, service provider issues, and inaccurate numbers are critical reasons for frequent call failures.

  1. Incorrect Dialing Format: Using the wrong international call prefix or calling code to Canada can cause call failure.
  2. Network Congestion: High traffic on the network can lead to call drops or failures.
  3. Poor Signal Strength: Call connections can be disrupted by weak cellular or landline signals.
  4. International Call Restrictions: Some service providers don’t allow international calls.
  5. Outdated Area Codes: Recently updated area codes need to be used for dialing. Using outdated phone codes can result in call failures.
  6. Service provider issues: Technical difficulties with the service providers can create problems.
  7. Incorrect Number: Dialing an inaccurate or non-existent phone number is one of the reasons for call drops.

Final Thoughts

Calling Canada without being aware of Canada calling codes may lead to call failures. Dialing codes are necessary for connecting with people in any part of the country. Being familiar with the workings of calling codes and their proper usage ensures smooth and efficient international communication and enhances global communication. When you understand these codes, it’s easy to place a call in Canada.

In addition to understanding dialing codes, having access to a reliable phone number service can simplify international communication. Calilio provides a free Canadian phone number and helps connect with people internationally. It offers one free virtual local or toll-free number for Canada, making sending and receiving calls in Canada and internationally even easier. Understanding and using the correct Canada dialling codes, combined with VoIP services like Calilio, makes communication easy. 

FAQs on Calling Code for Canada

What is the international country code for Canada?

The international country code for Canada is +1.

What is the 3-digit code for Canada?

The 3-digit code for Canada is 001.

Is the country code of Canada 001 or 011?

The country code of Canada is +1. 011 is the exit code of the US. Dialing 001 is how most people from other countries dial the phone to call the US, Canada, and some islands in North America.

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