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Germany forge strong ties with the US through countless daily international calls. Many people in the US call Germany every day for work, to get in touch with friends or family. Calling Germany from the US is straightforward, but sometimes you encounter different problems. It involves a sequence of prefixes and area codes, and dialing incorrect prefixes can lead to call failure or a wrong connection. You must know how to call Germany from the US to avoid these issues.

What Are Germany Area Codes?

German area codes are telephonic identifications of different regions or cities. You’d require these area codes to call Germany from the US. Germany area codes route calls to specific parts of the country to ensure the calls reach your intended destinations accurately and efficiently.

Germany has over 5200 area codes, reflecting its extensive telephone network. These phone codes are assigned based on geographic regions, with larger cities having shorter codes for efficiency. For example, Berlin has the code “030”, indicating a major urban center. The below table showcases some major Germany area codes.


Area codesCitiesArea codes
Aachen0241Munich (München)089
Cologne (Köln)0221Stuttgart0711
Hannover0511Nuremberg (Nürnberg)0911

How to Call a German from the US on Landline?

To call a German landline number from the US, dial the US country code, German country code, local area code, and your desired landline number.

1. Dial the US exit code, i.e., ‘011’ or “+” on mobile. It ensures you are making an international call.

2. Input the Germany country code, i.e., ‘49’. It routes your US telephonic network towards Germany.

3. Enter the specific area code for the city or region you want to connect within Germany.

4. Finally, dial your desired landline number.

Note: You omit “0” from the area code as you’re making an international call. For instance, while calling Berlin (030), Germany from the US, you dial 011-49-30-XXX-XXXXX or +49-30-XXX-XXXXX.

How to Call Germany From the US on a Mobile Number?

To call a German mobile number from the US, simply dial the US exit code, German country code, and local mobile number in Germany. You do not need to dial a city or area code for mobiles.


Step one: Dial the US exit code, i.e., “011,” directing your call outside the US.


Step two: Key in the Germany country code, i.e., “49.” It routes your call to Germany telephone network.


Step three: Dial the German mobile number you’re trying to reach.

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How Much Does It Cost to Call Germany From The US?

The calling cost to Germany from a US phone number depends on your telephone service provider. While the typical rate is around $3 per minute, frequent or lengthy calls can quickly become costly.


It’s ideal to clarify the call rates with your service provider for ideas on your potential bill. Some providers may offer specialized plans that include discounts or flat rates for international calls. These plans can offer a more economical solution, especially for those needing regular calls. 

How Do You Dial Germay from the US at Low Cost?

International calls to German numbers from the US can be expensive when you need to make frequent or long calls. However, there’s a cost-effective solution. Calilio is a cloud-based phone system where you can get a virtual Germany phone number right from the US. It allows you to call Germany at local rates, significantly reducing your call international call charges.

Considering Time Differences When Calling Germany From the US

The US and Germany follow different time zones. Considering time differences when calling Germany from the US is crucial to ensure a convenient time for your receiver. It helps to avoid disturbances and increases your call pick-up chances. 

German Time Zone Relation with USA Time Zone

Germany operates in one time zone, Central European Time (CET), while the US spans six primary time zones.


1. Eastern Standard Time (EST) to CET: Germany is typically 6 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time zone. For example, if it’s 2 PM in New York, it’s 8 PM in Berlin.


2. Central Standard Time (CST) to CET: Germany is 7 hours ahead of the Central Standard Time zone. If it’s 2 PM in Chicago, it's 9 PM in Berlin.


3. Mountain Standard Time (MST) to CET: Germany is 8 hours ahead of the Mountain Standard Time zone. When it’s 2 PM in Denver, it’s 10 PM in Berlin.


4. Pacific Standard Time (PST) to CET: Germany is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time zone. So, 11 PM in Berlin translates to 2 PM in Los Angeles.


5. Alaska Standard Time (AKST) to CET: Germany is 10 hours ahead of the Alaska Standard Time zone. For instance, when it’s 2 PM in Anchorage, it’s midnight in Berlin.


6. Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) to CET: Germany is 11 hours ahead of the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time zone. If it’s 2 PM in Honolulu, it’s 1 AM the next day in Berlin.


Calling Germany from the US is effortless; you just need to dial the correct sequence of dialing codes - US exit codes, German country codes, area codes, and local phone numbers. You don’t need to put the area code if calling a mobile number.

Calilio offers virtual phone numbers from 100+ countries, including Germany. Our business phone system allows you to make international calls at local rates, reducing your calling charge immensely. Besides, it comes with robust communication features such as call recording, unified callbox, voicemail to email, and conference calls. Sign up now and get your Germany virtual phone number today.


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Frequently Asked Question

Can I call Germany from my iPhone?

You can call Germany from your iPhone. You’ll need to use the international dialing format, which includes the US exit code, the country code for Germany, and the local German number.

How do I dial a German number from my iPhone?

To dial a German number from your iPhone, first enter the US exit code (011), followed by the German country code (49), and then the German phone number (without the leading 0 if dialing a landline). For mobiles, dial the mobile number directly after the country code.

How do I call a +49 number from the US?

From the US, dial 011 (the exit code), followed by 49 (the country code for Germany), and then the German phone number. If it’s a landline, omit the first 0 of the area code.

How do you call long distance to Germany?

To call long distance to Germany, start with the US exit code (011), then dial Germany’s country code (49), followed by the local German number. For landlines, exclude the initial 0 from the area code.

Which country code is 011?

011 is not a country code; it’s the international dialing exit code used by the United States and Canada to make calls to other countries.

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