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Build your business in the Maritime provinces by securing a New Brunswick phone number on Calilio. Our NB area code number fosters local connections and establishes a trusted presence within New Brunswick's vibrant communities and thriving markets.

New Brunswick phone number

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Explore the extensive collection of virtual phone numbers with NB area codes on Calilio. Find your perfect New Brunswick number to connect effortlessly with local communities.

What Is a New Brunswick Phone Number?

A New Brunswick phone number is a unique telecommunication identifier that connects you directly to Canada's three Maritime provinces. These NB phone numbers are identified by the 506 and the newly introduced 428 area codes. They co-exist to cover the entire region. Businesses showcase their commitment to the local New Brunswick community by employing a Canada phone number with these area codes. It fosters local engagement and aids business growth.

Benefits of a New Brunswick Phone Number

A New Brunswick phone number offers ease of accessibility for your local customers when reaching you. It improves customer experience, ultimately aiding business growth.

Boost Local Advertising Effectiveness

Direct Access to Local Markets

Networking Opportunities

Improved Customer Relations

Cost-Effective Expansion

How To Get a New Brunswick Phone Number?

Calilio offers a straightforward process to get a virtual New Brunswick phone number. Follow these easy steps to connect to the vibrant New Brunswick business market swiftly.

Step one

Sign Up

Register your account on Calilio. Enter your details, verify your email, and you’re all set.

Step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Explore a range of VoIP plans on Calilio. Review them and select the plan that meets your business needs in New Brunswick.

Step three

Pick a Number

Navigate to the “Numbers” section and click “Purchase Number.” Search and pick the one that fits your business identity.

Step four

Proceed Payment

Review your chosen NB phone number. Follow the prompt instructions to complete your purchase.

Step five

Customize Settings

Your new phone number activates instantly. Head towards settings and tailor them to align with your business operations.

Already Have a New Brunswick Phone Number?

Switch to VoIP while maintaining your local presence. Port your existing Brunswick phone number on Calilio.

VoIP Features of Our New Brunswick Phone Number

Beyond traditional calling functionalities, Calilio’s New Brunswick phone number offers advanced business communication features. These VoIP features boost customer engagement and operational efficiency within the vibrant markets of New Brunswick.

Pause/ recume call recording icon

Pause/Resume Call Recording

Gain control over your call recordings with the ability to pause and resume recording as needed. It ensures privacy and compliance during sensitive conversations.
queue call back icon

Queue Call Back

Do not let your callers hold on blank. Instead, offer them the option to get a callback, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.
Number sharing icon

Number Sharing

Maximize team efficiency by sharing a single New Brunswick number among multiple employees. This way, you’ll never miss any important calls.
Call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Calilio NB virtual numbers offer insights into call volumes, durations, and patterns. Utilize it to make data-driven decisions to optimize communication strategies.
Call whispering icon

Call Whispering

With call whispering, you can guide your team during live calls without callers knowing. It aids in improving customer service.

NB Phone Numbers With Calilio

Calilio’s NB phone number offers a perfect blend of quality, reliability, and innovative solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. We support your New Brunswick business with the best in telecommunication technology.

Instant Activation

Get your New Brunswick phone number up and running immediately with Calilio’s quick and straightforward activation process.

Instant activation

Utmost Uptime

Calilio’s robust infrastructure ensures consistent connectivity with your NB area code number. This way, you always stay available for your customers in New Brunswick.

Utmost uptime

Scalable Solutions

Easily scale your phone system as your business grows, adding more New Brunswick numbers or features without hassle.

Scalable solutions

Regular updates

Stay ahead with Calilio’s cutting-edge technology, which is constantly updated to bring you the latest advancements in VoIP services for your New Brunswick number.

Regular updates

Affordability Without Compromise

Calilio offers uncompromised quality at a reasonable price structure. Our competitive pricing models ensure that superior VoIP services remain accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Affordability Without Compromise

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