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Where is Area Code 226 Located?

Area Code 226 is located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and serves all major cities of the region. Along with 519 and 548, 226 phone numbers were initially introduced to meet the growing demand for phone numbers in Ontario. Major cities within the 226 phone code include London, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Orangeville.

The 226 area code is home to approximately 2.5 million people. It follows the Eastern Time Zone, which is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-5) during Standard Time and four hours behind (UTC-4) during Daylight Saving Time. The introduction of the phone code 226 and its overlays has ensured that Southwestern Ontario can continue to develop, providing businesses with the infrastructure to thrive in today’s connected world.

Popular Cities

 Population (approx)

Time Zone


Eastern Time Zone

Windsor230,000Eastern Time Zone
Kitchener244,000Eastern Time Zone
Waterloo135,000Eastern Time Zone
Guelph140,000Eastern Time Zone
Cambridge135,000Eastern Time Zone
Sarnia72,000Eastern Time Zone
Brantford97,000Eastern Time Zone
Stratford32,000Eastern Time Zone
Orangeville30,000Eastern Time Zone

History of Ontario 226 Phone Code

The 226 London phone code is an overlay of the 519 area code. On October 21, 2006, 226 became the third area code in Ontario. The beginning of area codes in the province dates back to 1947 with the introduction of the 416 code. In response to the rising demand for telephone services in the southern part of the province, the 519 phone code was allocated in 1953. By 2006, 519 phone numbers were nearing exhaustion, leading to the origination of the 226 overlay to serve the same region.

The demand for additional numbering capacity grew as more people began using 226 phone numbers. To address this issue, the 548 area code was put into service as an additional overlay to expand the numbering capacity in Southwestern Ontario further. These measures ensured that the region could continue to grow and thrive, maintaining adequate telecommunications infrastructure.

226 Phone Number Economic Outlook and Business Scenarios

The economic outlook of the area covered by the 226 code is robust, marked by rapid development and a growing population. Ontario includes major economic hub cities like Amherstburg, Aylmer, Brantford, Goderich, Guelph, Hanover, and London, each thriving in industries such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, technology, and agriculture. Alongside these tech-driven and large-scale industries, the city of Orangeville presents a vibrant environment and many opportunities for local businesses to shine.

In 2023, Ontario's GDP increased by 1.2%, driven by contributions from major businesses like Google Canada, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and Magna International. The presence of the 226 area code has facilitated the growth of new startups and well-established companies, enhancing the region's economic landscape and expanding business prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is area code 226 located in the USA?

Can I get a free 226 phone number?

Is 226 a toll-free number?

How to write a phone number with a 226 phone prefix?

  1. Domestic format: (226) XXX XXXX
  2. International format: +1 226 XXX XXXX

The domestic format includes the area code with a 7-digit local number, whereas the international format includes the country code +1 followed by the area code and then the 7-digit local number.

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