029 area code

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Acquire a 029 area code from Calilio and connect with local customers. With our AI communication platform, businesses can establish a presence and increase call volume in the Cardiff region while operating remotely.

029 area code

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Where is the 029 Area Code?

The 029 area code is assigned to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It also covers the surrounding areas like Bedwas, Caerphilly, Penarth, Whitchurch, Cardiff Bay, Llandaff, Llanedeyrn, Llanishen,and more. According to 2024 reports, these areas are the home of more than 492,000 residents, which is 0.82% higher than the previous year, 2023. This shows the growing population and market of Cardiff.

Cardiff operates under the British Summer Time (BST) during the summer months, which is GMT+1. This means it is one hour ahead of the Coordinated Universal time. In the winter months, they transition to GMT in the same way as the UTC.

History of Area Code 029?

The 029 area code was introduced on 22nd April 2000 to serve the Cardiff region. This change was made after the big UK initiative called “Big Number Change”.

The “Big Number Change” was necessary to address the growing need for additional numbers in the UK. Previously, Cardiff used the 01222 area code. The new 029 code provides a wider range of available numbers, creating a more efficient system for assigning phone lines.

Why Does Your Business Need a 029 Phone Number?

Calilio provides numerous advantages for the companies looking to grow their reach in Cardiff market. From building customer trusts to optimizing marketing strategies, these local numbers will make an impact on your business's success.

Local Presence

Build Trust

Improved Customer Services

Local Marketings


How to Get a 029 Area Code Phone Number?

Getting a 029 virtual phone number has become more effective with Calilio. You just need to provide the basic details and pick your number.

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Create a free Calilio account by providing basic details like your name and email.

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Choose any of our plans that fit with your business requirements and budgets.

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Go to “Settings>>Phone Numbers>> Purchase Number” and select your preferred number with the 029 phone code.

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Complete the payment using the available options to own your selected virtual number.

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After activation, customize your number's settings and features to match your business needs.

Already have a Cardiff Phone Number?

If your business already owns a 029 area code number, you can easily port it to Calilio and enjoy the advanced VoIP features.

029 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Unified Callbox

029 virtual number allows you to receive and manage all of your business from different platforms using the dashboard.
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Voicemail to Email

Get all your voice messages directly in your email. This way, you will never miss any important calls, even during your off time.
AI Sentiment Analysis icon

AI Sentiment Analysis

It allows you to identify the sentiment and get real-time data about the satisfied and unsatisfied customers' rates.
music and hold icon

Music on Hold

Set the customized music like your company anthem or any information to engage your customers while they are on hold.
Call Whispering icon

Call Whispering

Guide your agents with any tips or information during the live call without letting the user know about your whisper.

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Why Businesses Choose Calilio For 029 Number?

Calilio offers a reliable VoIP service with advance business features at lower rates that is associated with user-friendly dashboard. With us, you have the freedom to make your own customized plans by selecting the only features that matter to you. You only need to pay for what you use.


Advanced Features

Calilio’s 029 phone number come packed with various advanced features like AI sentiment analysis and voice transcription that rarely other providers offer.


Competitive Pricing

Our different varieties of plans and pricing make sure that every type of business can easily afford the VoIp phone system for their business.


Customizable Features

Our features are mostly customizable so that the business can update them according to their needs and requirements.


24/7 Customer Support

At Calilio, the dedicated customer support team is always available to assist with every kind of Cardiff phone number query.


Easy to Use

The simple User Interface (UI) of Calilio ensures that any user with basic technical skills can easily manage their 029 phone number.

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