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Obtain 113 area code number from Calilio to connect with the local customers in Leeds. It’s the most populated area in West Yorkshire, England. Representing your business number with the area code 113 provides direct access to this densely populated area with diverse customer base.

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History of 113 Area Code

The 113 area code was introduced on April 16, 1995, to serve Leeds. However, it’s not the original area code of Leeds. Prior to the introduction of area code 113, Leeds used the 0532 area code. However, with the growing population, the 0532 area code was not sufficient to serve the region. To address this issue, the 113 area code was introduced during the PhONEday to provide additional phone numbers in Leeds. Since then, it has remained a crucial part of Leeds’ communication network without requiring further adjustments in the network system in Leeds.

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Why Does Your Business Need a 113 Area Code Number?

A 113 area code number establishes your business in Leeds, even if you’re not physically located there. You can provide your Leeds customers with a familiar point of contact, encouraging them to engage with your business.

Build Local Trust

Gain Competitive Advantage

Simplify Communication with Local Partners

Facilitate Business Expansion

Boost Marketing Efforts

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 113?

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Create your account on Calilio. Provide your basic details and verify your email to start.

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Choose a VoIP Plan

Explore Calilio’s range of VoIP plans. Select the plan based on your business needs.

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Purchase a Number

Head towards “Settings”. Select “My Numbers” and then, “Purchase Numbers”. Select your desired Leeds virtual number.

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Secure number

Follow the on-screen instructions to make a purchase and secure your number.

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As your 114 area code number activates, access its settings and tailor it to meet your business needs.

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Keep your established contact details while upgrading your communication capabilities. Port your existing 113 area code number here.

Features of Virtual 113 Area Code Numbers

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Voicemail by Email

Receive voicemails directly in your email. Never miss important messages again.
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Notes in Callbox

Add and manage notes in your callbox for better call tracking and follow-up.
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Number Sharing

Share your virtual 113 number among multiple members to ensure you answer every call.
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Call Analytics

Access detailed call analytics to monitor performance and improve your business communication strategies.

Why Businesses Choose Calilio For Virtual 113 Number?

Choosing Calilio means choosing a provider that prioritizes your business’s success and communication needs. We are dedicated to quality, reliability, and innovation. We ensure you enjoy the crystal-clear quality without any connectivity issues. Moreover, our customer support stands by round-the-clock, so when you encounter any issue, we promptly resolve them.

Easy Activation Process

Activate your Leeds phone number effortlessly; our setup process involves no complex steps.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Save money while enjoying high-quality service that supports your growth. Our pricing plans are reasonable and flexible.

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Regular Updates and Innovations

We continuously update our system with the latest features and improvements. Stay competitive with our innovative VoIP solutions.


Continuous Connectivity

Ensure that you remain accessible to your customers at all times with our robust technology. Communicate with your clients without any interruption.

Call without any disturbance

Unified Callbox

Stay organized and responsive. Manage all your calls, text messages, and voicemails from a single interface, Calilio’s virtual 113 number.

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