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Where is the 0115 Area Code?

The 0115 area code is located in Nottingham and its nearby surroundings in Nottinghamshire. The major cities within the 0115 phone area code include Nottingham, Beeston, West Bridgford, Arnold, Carlton, Hucknall, Stapleford, Clifton, and more. Nottingham is renowned for its rich history, particularly its legendary association with Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

The city owns significant historical sites, such as Nottingham Castle and Wollaton Hall, alongside a network of ancient caves.  Nottingham is home to approximately 813,000 people, with a growth rate of 0.74%. This vibrant city continues to attract residents and visitors.

Area code 0115 falls under the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone. It’s the standard time zone in the UK and is the same as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) during the winter months. It shifts to British Summer Time (BST), GMT+1 during daylight saving time.

History of Area Code 0115

Before the 0115 phone number, the area codes 0602 & 1157 previously served Nottingham and its nearby areas. However, as demand for numbers increased due to population growth and the expansion of telecommunications services, the 0115 number prefix was introduced on PhONEday, 16 April 1995, as part of the UK's phasing in the “01" range of area codes for landline numbers.

Today, the 0115 numbers are still used for landline telephone numbers across Nottinghamshire, despite the introduction and growth of mobile phones and digital communication platforms.

Why Does Your Business Need a 0115 Phone Number?

Calilio's 0115 virtual number offers multiple advantages, from building local trust to improving marketing campaigns. With these numbers, you can quickly establish a local presence in Nottingham and adopt cost-effective business communication solutions.

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How to Get a Nottingham phone number?

You can buy a free 0115 phone number in 5 simple steps on Calilio. Follow the below instructions and start making international calls to the UK.

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First, sign up for your account on Calilio and verify OPT with your email address.

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Then, pick a plan that meets your company's requirements and budgets.

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Next, navigate to Dashboards' "Setting>> Numbers>> Purchase Number" and choose your ideal 0115 number prefix.

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Next, Proceed with making payment to your desired number.

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Finally, the setting can be customized to grow the business call volume.

Already Have a Local 0115 Area Code Number?

If you already possess a local 0115 area code number, transitioning to Calilio ensures you retain your phone identity while upgrading to VoIP features.

Features of 0115 Area Code Numbers

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Unified Callbox

Manage calls, texts, and video conferences from one interface for efficient communication management and organization.
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Call History

Track incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps, durations, and caller IDs for performance analysis.
conference calls

Conference Calls

Enable multiple participants to join the same call, facilitating remote team meetings or client discussions.
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Voicemail to email

Receive voicemail messages as email attachments for timely responses and enhanced customer service management.
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Greeting Voice Messages

Customize voice messages to greet callers, enhancing their experience by providing information while they wait.

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As a reputable cloud phone service provider, we offer a seamless communication platform on 0115 phone numbers integrated with VoIP systems at a minimal cost. Our cost-effective services prioritize quality, ensuring businesses can efficiently connect with local audiences.


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We provide an intuitive dashboard for streamlining calls, messages, and settings, enhancing operational efficiency.


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Calilio guarantees 24/7 assistance from our dedicated support team, ensuring prompt resolution of queries or issues related to Nottingham phone numbers.


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Benefit from Calilio's ongoing updates and improvements, which ensure that our communication tools are reliable and always up-to-date for a modern business phone system.


Superior Call Quality

Adopt area code 0115 to experience crystal-clear voice calls with superior audio quality, enhancing professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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