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Get 020 Area Code Numbers For Local Presence in London

Get a 020 area code for a business presence in London, a global financial hub. Connect to the UK’s innovative and commercial landscape with a London phone number.

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Calilio boasts an extensive collection of London virtual numbers. Access London’s dynamic commercial landscape with your desired 020 area code number.

History of 020 Area Code

The 020 area code was introduced in April 2000 as part of a comprehensive reorganization of London’s telephony services. It was adopted to unify the separate 0171 and 0181 codes into one area code.


By unifying the city under one area code, London ensured that its communication framework could continue to support its status as a leading global city. It symbolizes the city's adaptation to the digital age, aligning its connectivity infrastructure with global standards.

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Which Time Zone Does 020 Area Code Fall Under?

London’s 020 area code typically follows the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) standard, positioning it at the center of global timekeeping. However, it transitions to British Summer Time (BST), or GMT+1, from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October. These adjustments aid in better use of daylight. Furthermore, it aligns London with international time standards, keeping pace with the global economy.

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Benefits of a 020 Area Code for Businesses

Adopt a 020 area code for your business and connect with London's dynamic economy, improving your brand's credibility and reach.

Improved Customer Trust

Manage London Calls Globally

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Simplified Business Operations

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 020?

Get a virtual phone number with area code 020 on Calilio. We offer an effortless process to step into London’s dynamic business market.

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Sign Up

Sign up on Calilio. It’s simple to register - just provide your basic information and verify your email.

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Choose a VoIP Plan

Explore a range of VoIP plans on Calilio. Select a plan that fits your London business needs.

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Pick a Number

Access ‘Settings,’ then ‘My Numbers,’ and click ‘Purchase Number.’ Choose from available 020 area code numbers to align with your business identity.

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Proceed Payment

Confirm your selection and proceed to checkout. Calilio ensures a secure payment process for a hassle-free transaction.

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Customize Settings

Your 020 number activates instantly. Access settings and customize the features to align with your business operations.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with a 020 Area Code?

Upgrade your existing 020 area code number to advanced VoIP functionalities. Simply port your number on Calilio.

Features of Virtual 020 Area Code Numbers

Experience exceptional VoIP features for your business communication with Calilio’s 020 area code numbers.

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Multiple Agents

Allow multiple team members to access and manage a single London virtual number. Distribute workload and boost the efficiency of customer interactions.
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Bulk SMS Campaign

Reach a broad London audience simultaneously, directly from your London virtual number. It saves time while keeping your customers informed.
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Ring Strategy

Customize call routing to distribute incoming calls strategically among your team members with your 020 area code number.
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New Lead Alerts

Get instant alerts for new leads. Enable your team to act quickly and capitalize on business opportunities in London.
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Live Call Monitoring

Supervise ongoing calls in real time to maintain service quality standards and provide immediate support or coaching to your agents.
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Phone Trees (IVR)

Create interactive voice response menus to guide callers to the right department or information. It improves caller experience and efficiency.

020 Phone Number With Calilio

Experience top-quality service, reliability, and personalized support on Calilio’s 020 phone number. Calilio ensures consistent connectivity for your London business.

Robust Security Protocols

Your security is our top priority. We safeguard your every interaction with end-to-end encryption and compliance with data protection regulations.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Get personalized support from our dedicated team every time. We ensure prompt resolution of any issues on your 020 phone number.

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Flexible Plans

We offer customizable VoIP plans for your London area code number. Get your business communication tool exactly how you prefer.

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Unmatched Reliability

With Calilio, you’ll rarely experience any connectivity issues. We keep your London business connected without interruptions.

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Competitive Pricing

Experience premium service at competitive rates. Choose from our range of VoIP plans, which are all available at a reasonable cost structure.

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