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The 678 area code opens networking opportunities in the South US’s largest economy - Atlanta. Acquire the 678 phone number on Calilio to position your business perfectly in the city’s thriving tech industry and bustling commerce.

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Select your 678 area code number from Calilio’s extensive collection to represent your brand identity in Atlanta.

What Area Code is 678? Area Code 678 Location

The 678 area code serves the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. It also covers many surrounding communities in counties like Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Cobb. This area code is known for serving a diverse economic landscape, hosting many industries from the tech sector, film production, media, and entertainment. It represents Atlanta's status as a major hub for business, culture, and technology in the Southeastern United States. The major cities that area code 678 serves include Alpharetta, Hohns Creek, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Clayton, Fayette, and Douglas.

History of 678 Area Code

The 678 area code was introduced in 1998 to serve Atlanta, Georgia. Before 678, the area had been using the 404 and 770 codes. However, these codes were inadequate to meet the growing demands of the new phone numbers in Atlanta.


The addition of the new area code has become integral to the identity and connectivity of the region. It ensured everyone in and around Atlanta could have their unique number. Moreover, it represents the city’s evolution into a bustling hub of commerce, technology, and innovation.

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Which Time Zone Does 678 Area Code Fall Under?

The 678 area code aligns with the Eastern Time Zone (ET). Adhering to ET means that those in the area code 678 share the same time as other key financial and cultural centers on the East Coast.


It synchronizes business operations and communications within the United States' most economically vibrant regions. For most of the year, this area code observes Eastern Standard Time (EST). However, It transits to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) during spring and summer to accommodate daylight saving time.

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Benefits of a 678 Area Code for Businesses

Adopting a 678 area code offers your business a direct line to Atlanta's flourishing economy. It offers instant market credibility and connection to Atlanta's diverse and expansive customer base.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Operational Flexibility

Instant Recognition

Simplified Networking

Improved Response Rates

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 678?

Access Atlanta's market with a 678 area code number through Calilio. With us, you can acquire a virtual Atalanta number with just a few clicks.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up on Calilio. It's simple - just provide some basic information to register your account.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Calilio offers a range of VoIP plans tailored to meet unique business needs. Select the plan that suits your business.

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Pick a Number

Navigate to “My Numbers” from “Settings.” Click “Purchase Number”. Select your desired virtual phone number with area code 678.

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Proceed Payment

Acquire your selected number following a straightforward payment process. It’s secure and quick.

step five

Customize Settings

Finalize your setup by customizing your number’s settings to match your business operations.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 678 Area Code?

Upgrade your existing 678 area code number to VoIP functionalities. Leverage on Calilio’s number porting service.

Features of Virtual 678 Area Code Numbers

The extensive VoIP features on Calilio’s 678 area code number empower your Atlanta business with advanced communication tools to enhance customer interactions.

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Pause/Resume Call Recording

Calilio’s virtual Atlanta area code number allows you to skip and resume while recording a call. This way, you can ensure privacy and compliance during sensitive conversations.
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Customizable Business Hours

Define your business hours to inform your callers regarding your availability. It helps them avoid the frustration of calls not being picked up.
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Ring Strategy

As the caller dials your 678 area code number, it rings multiple devices on the set sequence. It’s a significant tool to ensure prompt response and a balanced workload among team members.
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Customized Caller Greetings

Craft personalized greetings to warmly welcome your callers, showcasing your brand’s professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.
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Streamlined Call Forwarding

Call forwarding maximizes your accessibility. It allows you to remain connected to your Atlanta clientele, regardless of your physical location.

Set up a Unified Communication Platform with a 678 Area Code Number

Calilio’s 678 area code number unifies your communication platforms - from voice and videos to texts. This consolidation reduces the complexity of managing multiple platforms to improve efficiency and team collaboration.

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Basic plan

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  • Free 1 Local or Toll-free Number
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  • Basic Realtime Dashboard


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Business plan

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  • Unlimited Users
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Enterprise plan

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  • Queue Call Back
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  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone and WhatsApp Support

678 Phone Number With Calilio

The 678 area code on Calilio provides your Atlanta business uninterrupted connectivity, crystal-clear voice quality, and dependable customer support. Experience a communication solution that stands for reliability and excellence in the bustling Atlanta market.

Unmatched Reliability

With Calilio, the connectivity disruptions become the things of the past. We always keep your business communications up and running.

reliable and trust worthy connection providing uninterrupted services to their clients.

Crystal Clear Call Quality

Using Calilio’s 678 phone number ensures superior quality in every call. It creates an impression of face-to-face communication.

clear audio call quality with better experience

24/7 Customer Support

Get around-the-clock support for your Atlanta number. Our customer support stands 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues.

customer support around the clock

Customization Flexibility

We allow you to customize your communication tools to fit your business’s unique needs. This way, you get your 678 number working exactly how you need it to.

easy customization with effective communication approach

Strategic Business Insights

Utilize our virtual number for strategic insights into your communication patterns. It aids you in making informed decisions that drive business success.

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