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Get a British Columbia phone number on Calilio to access Canada Providence with the growing tech and tourism industry. BC area code represents you as the entity in British Columbia, the province with vast business opportunities.

British Columbia Phone Number

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Explore a range of British Columbia numbers on Calilio. Choose your desired BC area codes to directly connect to local markets.

Benefits of a British Columbia Phone Number

British Columbia phone number connects your business directly with the local clients. It establishes professional credibility in the vibrant markets of British Columbia.

Cost-Effective Expansion


Local Market Penetration

Direct Marketing Advantage

Regional Recognition

Buy a British Columbia Phone Number Instantly

Buy a British Columbia phone number on Calilio, featuring various area codes representing diverse cities and communities.


Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport renowned for its vibrant film industry and tech startups boasts area codes 604, 778, 236, or 672. Connect with its diverse economy and scenic beauty, positioning your business for success in this dynamic urban hub.

  • Vancouver

  • Kelowna

How to Get a British Columbia Phone Number?

Acquiring a British Columbia phone number on Calilio is straightforward. Our easy-to-follow process swiftly connects you to British Columbia’s dynamic business market.

Sign Up

Register on Calilio. Simply fill in your details and verify your email to sign up.

Choose a VoIP Plan

Review a range of VoIP plans on Calilio. Select a plan that aligns with your business requirements.

Pick a Number

Navigate to ‘Settings’, ‘My Numbers’, and ‘Purchase Numbers’ to select your desired British Columbia phone number.


Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase securely and efficiently.

Set up your Numbers

Your new Canada phone number with the BC area code activates swiftly. Customize its settings to fit your business needs.

Already Have a British Columbia Phone Number?

Retain your current British Columbia phonenumber while upgrading to advanced VoIP capabilities. Calilio’s number porting service makes it possible.

Features that Comes with Virtual British Columbia Phone Number

Calilio’s virtual British Columbia phone number is an advanced feature-rich communication tool. It’s a strategic business operation tool beyond just a telephonic identification.

Internal Messages icon

Internal Messages

Enable smooth internal communication with in-team, fostering efficient collaboration and rapid response.
Call Analytics icon

Call Analytics

Gain insights into your call traffic with detailed analytics. Make informed data-driven decisions to improve communication strategy.
Do Not Disturb Mode icon

Do Not Disturb Mode

Activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to manage interruptions during off-hours or crucial meetings. It also aids preserve work-life balance effectively.
Greeting Voice Messages icon

Greeting Voice Messages

Welcome your callers with customized greeting messages. Set the tone for a professional and friendly interaction right from the start.
Queue Callback icon

Queue Callback

Improve customer satisfaction with queue callback. It improves caller experience by reducing the wait times.
Real-time Dashboard icon

Real-time Dashboard

Monitor your communications in real-time with a comprehensive dashboard. It provides detailed data on call activity, message statistics, and more.

British Columbia Phone Numbers With Calilio

Experience crystal clear voice quality with a British Columbia phone number on Calilio. Elevate your business communication with the highest quality VoIP phone service in Canada.

Unmatched Uptime and Quality

Experience unparalleled reliability with our virtual British Columbia phone numbers. We ensure your business stays connected with industry-leading uptime.

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Quick Problem-Solving

Benefit from our proactive approach to issue resolution. Keep your communications smooth with rapid support for any challenges.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Choose Calilio for the most competitive pricing on BC area code numbers. We provide affordable access to premium communication services.

price plan of calilio business phone system

Advanced Security Measures

Our robust security protocols protect your communications, safeguarding every call made or received on your BC phone number.

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Innovative Technological Edge

Stay ahead with Calilio’s innovative technology. Enhance your British Columbia area code numbers with the latest in VoIP advancements.

Innovative Technological Edge

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Connect with the BC Market

Secure your British Columbia phone number on Calilio today. Start connecting with key Canadian markets effortlessly.

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